Professionally Styling Curly Hair

As a trained curly hair specialist, I can help you learn how to work with your curls. If you are interested in working with your natural hair, I can help you!!

Because everyone’s curls are different in shape and texture , it is important to find someone who can cut your hair properly to enhance your curls. I can teach you how to wear your hair naturally or to blow dry it.

There are also treatments that will help smooth curls and take away your frizzes such as collagen treatments and mild keratin treatments. I can also guide you in choosing the perfect curly hair products for your hair type.

Brazilian Keratin Treatments

Brazilian keratin treatment is a reconstruction treatment that will add Keratin back into your hair. By adding this Keratin you’ll notice that your hair will become softer to the touch and smoother in appearance.

Keratin treatments will loosen your curls and cut your blow dry time in half.

The integrity of the hair is so important to me. Some Keratin Treatments contain collagen to add even more shine. The result I am looking for is what will determine whether I will use a formula that is formaldehyde free or one with a small amount of formaldehyde (never using higher than a 3.8 percent.)