Dry and Wet Cuts for Curls

Curls often have a mind of their own, and as a result, need to be treated with a lot of respect and love.

Curls should be cut both wet and dry because both of those methods come with benefits.

I always cut curly hair dry first to shape the hair. Only dusting off the edges of the hair when wet. This will ensure all ends are fresh. I often have clients come in with their hair styled just as they would normally wear it. In fact, I even encourage them to use whatever products that they would normally use in their hair! This makes it easier for me to shape their curls and see their curl pattern.

All curls are different; they are as unique as the person rocking them. As a result, they all react differently when cut. One major advantage to cutting dry curls is that you will easily be able to measure the bounce and length of the curl which helps preventing overcutting incidents.

It is also important to cut curly hair when wet, which can help me to dust and prune hair as well to get split ends and redefine edges. If a client gets a wet cut, I will often put them under the hood dryer to air dry their curls, and check back on the cut to make sure it meets my standards and their preferences. Most people are used to getting a wet haircut, and sometimes are really surprised when they find out that there are other options.

When cutting curls, it is important to let gravity do some of the work. You should be cutting curls based on where the curls fall naturally. This will allow you to easily sculpt and shape curls from simply tilting your client’s head. Typically, tension is not need when cutting curls.

Believe it or not, there is an ongoing debate on whether or not you should be cutting curls when they are wet versus dry. In my opinion, both have advantages and it’s up to the stylist to decide what cut option might work best for the curls in front of them.

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