A Curly Girl’s Guide to Haircuts

Great news, curly girls: Curly hair is making a big comeback! Instead of fighting and attempting to tame your curls, let them be free. Find the right haircut for your curly ‘do and rock your natural texture with confidence. Here are some styles from Allure that I love:

Pixie Cut

This short style can work on almost any hair texture. Choose a graduated pixie cut that is longer on the top to show off your curly style. This style is easy and fun. Leave it to dry naturally; just apply product to control frizz. 


This long, shoulder grazing bob style is great for curly haired girls! Cut with short layers in the back and longer ones framing the face, this cut has a flirty and fun shape. Style with a frizz control product and then use a blow dryer.

Long Layers

Whether you have tight curls or loose waves, long layers are a great way to show off your natural hair texture. Begin your layers at or below the chin to create room around the face.  Longer layers will weigh tight curls down, loosening them. Use a light cream or leave in conditioner after showering to reduce frizz and create a controlled look.

Tight Curls and Steep Layers

This is the perfect cut for all curly haired girls. Create long, wispy layers to soften the hair around the face and hydrate with leave-in conditioner. Let your hair go wind and create a big, bold style with a blow dryer.

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