A Guide to Coloring Curly Hair

When it comes to coloring your own hair, choosing a color you like is never enough. If not knowing what underlying pigments will do wasn’t enough to scare you, the other questions that you surely have will! Will my hair turn orange or green? Will my hair fall out?   All hair types are not created equal!

Different hair patterns, textures, density and porosity must be taken into consideration when highlighting and coloring as well. Therefore all hair products are not created equal. This is why someone concerned about health and texture of hair should never do their own hair coloring. Here is some insight on why hairstylists would choose one product over the other.

Semi permanent color – This option has no ammonia and no peroxide. Great for adding a little color depth and sheen to dry lifeless hair with little to no commitment (not good for grey coverage).

Demi permanent color- This choice has low to no ammonia and low volume peroxide. It is great for grey blending and adding some color and shine back to hair. There is little to no lift of natural color, just great coverage and shine!

Permanent color- This coloring choice has 10 to 40 volume peroxide. This works great for lifting up natural color, grey coverage and highlighting hair. However, 30 and 40 volume is not good for gray coverage.

Hi-lift tints- This is usually high in ammonia and peroxide and it is great for lighting hair and high lighting.

Bleach- This selection should be used with caution. It is best used for lifting out color and highlighting.

For any questions you have about coloring your curly hair, contact Leslie Ellen and make an appointment!