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Curly Hair Is The Vessel Of Your Creativity And Personality

What we wear and how we interact with the world around us on a daily basis are the basic makings of our persona. Our hair is a big part of that—and those of us with big gorgeous curls know our curls are a huge part of your personality! Here at Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon,… Read more »

Curly Girls Understand We Must Not Disturb the Curl

Curly hair is a blessing! Although some days, some of us may beg to differ. Some days our curls look perfectly sculpted and bouncy. Other days it is as if our curls have a mind of their own, resisting to be tamed. Our hair looks different from one day to next  Even if you follow… Read more »

Save your Curls from Heat Damage and Embrace the Natural You

At one point or another, every curly girl has tried to rebel against her natural hair, but there is no need for this any longer! It’s time to embrace your curls. Here are a few steps to help get back to the beautiful bouncy curls that you love after years of heat damage. Be patient… Read more »

What’s a Curly Girl to do? Summer Event Style

Every curly haired girl has been here before: It’s the morning of a friend’s wedding, baby shower or other big event. The weather is rainy and humid and you just know your hair isn’t going to cooperate. Ladies, don’t stress! Curls are in and I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to help you… Read more »

What a Curly Haired Girl Should Keep in her Purse

Today, everyone is on the go. Between work, school, appointments, and trying to have a social life, we can get pretty busy! One thing that can make this busy nature a little easier on us curly haired girls is keeping a couple essentials in our purses. What should we be carrying around with us? Find… Read more »

Have Curly Hair? Here’s Your Ten Hair Commandments

Your curly hair is very sensitive and needs special attention. Here are ten things to help you keep your curly hair looking gorgeous. #1:You must wet or dampen your hair every day in order to help your hair find its curl pattern again. Less shampooing is always best. Curly hair tends to dry out very easily… Read more »

Traveling Trips for the Curly Haired Girls

With all the holidays there is bound to be some travel in your future. Packing can take some planning, so make sure you take some time to consider what you would need for your precious curls! Here are some tips on keeping your curls looking fresh and beautiful this winter season. Samples, Samples, Samples You… Read more »

Curly Haired Girls Guide to Product Ingredients

Have you ever purchased a product simply because the label stated it worked great with curly hair? Well there is a science behind why some of these products work better with others. Every product has a different chemical makeup but what ingredients are best for us curly haired girls? We have compiled a list of… Read more »

How to Sleep to Protect Your Curls

  Curly hair is in, and whether your curls are natural – lucky you – or man-made, there are specific ways to sleep so that they will be fresh the next day. Using Satin There are two ways to use satin to maintain your curls. The first way is especially good for short or medium… Read more »

How to Tame Your Curly Flyaways

If there is one thing that curly haired girls are familiar with its fuzzy, frizzy flyaways. This effect comes from damage done to your hair from heat and chemicals. Many have tried and failed to combat this effect, so what it a girl to do? Target the Source It’s best to start this off in… Read more »

A Guide to Coloring Curly Hair

When it comes to coloring your own hair, choosing a color you like is never enough. If not knowing what underlying pigments will do wasn’t enough to scare you, the other questions that you surely have will! Will my hair turn orange or green? Will my hair fall out?   All hair types are not… Read more »

Steps to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

  There are so many different types of hair and so many different ways that you can care for them. Curly hair can be difficult at times to maintain, but here are some steps from Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon NYC that will help you tame your mane. It is extremely important to get a… Read more »