Curly Haired Girls Guide to Product Ingredients

Have you ever purchased a product simply because the label stated it worked great with curly hair? Well there is a science behind why some of these products work better with others. Every product has a different chemical makeup but what ingredients are best for us curly haired girls?

We have compiled a list of the worst and best things for your hair to keep your curly locks bouncing and healthy.

Worst Ingredients

Harsh Sulfates-Sulfates will dissolve the oils in your hair and scalp. You hair needs the oils to keep their shine and bounce. When the oils are gone your hair will be dry and tend to break more often. This will also cause you to have a dry scalp, meaning more itching.

Harsh Alcohols- These include witch hazel, ethanol and propanal. These alcohols will also dry out your hair. These ingredients are meant to dry the hair quicker after washing but this also means drying it out too much.

Non Water Soluble Silicone- As you can guess non soluble silicone cannot be dissolved by water which means they create buildup in your hair.

Best Ingredients

Fatty Alcohols- Alcohols such as cetyl alcohol, isocetyl alcohol, and lauryl alcohol are great for thickening and smoothing out those curls. These fatty alcohols are oil based

Water Soluble Silicone- This ingredient aids in manageability of hair.

Ceramides- These help with strengthening the cuticles of your hair. The stronger the cuticles the longer the hair will stay on your head

Protein- This will help with elasticity, structure and overall strength.

Natural Ingredients- Natural things such as coconut and avocado can help seal you hair and keep it lasting longer.

If you need some more advice on treating your curly hair, contact Leslie Ellen today!