Save your Curls from Heat Damage and Embrace the Natural You

At one point or another, every curly girl has tried to rebel against her natural hair, but there is no need for this any longer! It’s time to embrace your curls. Here are a few steps to help get back to the beautiful bouncy curls that you love after years of heat damage. Be patient in your natural hair journey and remember that conditioning is your best friend!

1.     Trim

It’s really important to trim off the lifeless split ends. The longer you let your split ends go, the further they will travel up your hair shafts, creating more damage and dryness. A trim now will save you a lot of trouble later and is a great first step in embracing your natural hair. Trim your hair every eight to ten weeks to keep it healthy and growing.

2.     Cleansing

Avoid harsh detergents and rinse the hair and scalp daily or every other day using conditioner. Choose a shampoo without harsh chemicals, washing only once or twice a week if needed.

3.     Condition, Condition, Condition

Remember curly girls, conditioner is your best friend! Lock in moisture and provide your curls volume and bounce by conditioning daily. When using leave-in conditioner, avoid the roots so you don’t weighing down your hair.

4.     Protective Styles

While overcoming heat damage, avoid styles that can further damage your already dry hair. Loose braids and low buns are two ways to look cute and put-together while avoiding further harm. Never use metal clips or rubber bands and try to change the position of your ponytail each time you style so there is not constant pressure on the same spots in your hair.

5.     Heat Protection

For curly girls who just love to have that sleek, straight look, remember to use heat protectant spray. Apply product to damp hair before blow drying to protect your strands and keep them damage-free.

6.     Blow Drying

Don’t have time to let your hair air dry? Feel free to use a diffuser or hood dryer, always making sure you have leave-in conditioner, curl activator or curly styling cream from just below the roots to ends. Avoid applying product to the roots so they don’t get weighed down, making sure the rest of your hair is well saturated.

7.     Book an Appointment

Call Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon at 718-926-4050 for help restoring your curly hair from heat damage. Located at 123 5th Avenue in New York City, my curly hair salon is here to help you embrace your beautiful, natural hair.