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Frizz-Free Curly Hair Tips

Woman with beautiful curly hair smiling on a fall day

Fall is quickly approaching which means it is time to switch up your hair care routine for the season. Cold weather can negatively impact the quality of your hair. Cold air can cause your hair cuticle to lift which can make it harder to keep it moisturized and more susceptible to breakage. During this time,… Read more »

Protecting Your Curly Hair This Summer

Summer is almost here which means it is time to start preparing your curls for the warmer weather. As the seasons change it can affect the way your hair behaves. It is important to protect your hair throughout these changes in temperature to keep it healthy and strong. Here are some tips for managing your… Read more »

Mistakes to Avoid for Curly Haired People

While curly hair is beautiful, it does require a bit of upkeep to up maintain those flawless curly tresses. There are many different hair care regimens and treatments that work well for curly hair types. Sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down which routine is right for your hair. Instead of providing an extensive… Read more »

Curly Hair Salon in NYC Tips for Winter Months

Curly Hair Cut in NYC Salon

New York City in the winter months can be fascinating and endearing, full of lights and energy, but winter weather conditions, such as harsh winds and cold temperatures, rob our natural curls of moisture, leaving them dry, tangled, and frizzy. We’ve compiled a list of suggestions on how to protect your beautiful curls in winter… Read more »

Importance of Consistent Haircuts

If it’s been over three months, it’s time to visit Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon! Even if you’re trying to grow out your curls, frequent haircuts are important and will improve the condition of your curls and bring back your bounce. Prevent Damaged Curls Cutting your hair at least four times a year prevents damage…. Read more »

Curly Hair Is The Vessel Of Your Creativity And Personality

What we wear and how we interact with the world around us on a daily basis are the basic makings of our persona. Our hair is a big part of that—and those of us with big gorgeous curls know our curls are a huge part of your personality! Here at Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon,… Read more »

Tips for Healthy Curls in the Heat

Dry, humid summer weather can cause a lot of stress for us curly haired girls! Never fear though ladies, there are many ways to beat the heat and humidity to create gorgeous curls. Hair gets frizzy when it needs more moisture, so remember to condition, condition, condition! Put your best curls forward with these summer… Read more »

Save your Curls from Heat Damage and Embrace the Natural You

At one point or another, every curly girl has tried to rebel against her natural hair, but there is no need for this any longer! It’s time to embrace your curls. Here are a few steps to help get back to the beautiful bouncy curls that you love after years of heat damage. Be patient… Read more »

What a Curly Haired Girl Should Keep in her Purse

Today, everyone is on the go. Between work, school, appointments, and trying to have a social life, we can get pretty busy! One thing that can make this busy nature a little easier on us curly haired girls is keeping a couple essentials in our purses. What should we be carrying around with us? Find… Read more »

Have Curly Hair? Here’s Your Ten Hair Commandments

Your curly hair is very sensitive and needs special attention. Here are ten things to help you keep your curly hair looking gorgeous. #1:You must wet or dampen your hair every day in order to help your hair find its curl pattern again. Less shampooing is always best. Curly hair tends to dry out very easily… Read more »

Traveling Trips for the Curly Haired Girls

With all the holidays there is bound to be some travel in your future. Packing can take some planning, so make sure you take some time to consider what you would need for your precious curls! Here are some tips on keeping your curls looking fresh and beautiful this winter season. Samples, Samples, Samples You… Read more »

How to Sleep to Protect Your Curls

  Curly hair is in, and whether your curls are natural – lucky you – or man-made, there are specific ways to sleep so that they will be fresh the next day. Using Satin There are two ways to use satin to maintain your curls. The first way is especially good for short or medium… Read more »

How to Tame Your Curly Flyaways

If there is one thing that curly haired girls are familiar with its fuzzy, frizzy flyaways. This effect comes from damage done to your hair from heat and chemicals. Many have tried and failed to combat this effect, so what it a girl to do? Target the Source It’s best to start this off in… Read more »

Steps to Take Care of Your Curly Hair

  There are so many different types of hair and so many different ways that you can care for them. Curly hair can be difficult at times to maintain, but here are some steps from Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon NYC that will help you tame your mane. It is extremely important to get a… Read more »