Importance of Consistent Haircuts

If it’s been over three months, it’s time to visit Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon!

Even if you’re trying to grow out your curls, frequent haircuts are important and will improve the condition of your curls and bring back your bounce.

Prevent Damaged Curls

Cutting your hair at least four times a year prevents damage. Going too long between cuts can cause split ends to travel up the shaft, further damaging your hair. That’s why frequent haircuts are important, even if you’re trying to grow out your hair. Cutting your curls will encourage healthier growth and make your curls appear more defined.

Eliminate Frizz and Embrace Curl

Curly-haired girls often suffer from frequent frizz and flyaways. Regular haircuts are great for eliminating frizz, by taking out those split ends that tend to cause it. Your curls will appear smooth which can often be a struggle!

Create Healthier Hair

Cutting your hair regularly can make it look thicker and longer because cutting removes the thin, weak and damaged sections of hair. Leslie can start by cutting off just what has to go and gradually increase the amount she takes off each time in order to create a healthy length that you’ll love!

So how often should you be cutting your hair? Every four to six weeks if your hair is short and you want to maintain it. If you want to grow your hair, it’s important to trim every 10 weeks to dust off the ends never exceeding three months. Once you visit Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon, keep booking those regular appointments to get the curl of your dreams!

To maintain and grow out beautiful curls, call Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon at 718-926-4050 to book your appointment, or visit our website today! Leslie specializes in curly hair and she can help you find the perfect look and love your locks!