Mistakes to Avoid for Curly Haired People

Refreshing Curly Hair

While curly hair is beautiful, it does require a bit of upkeep to up maintain those flawless curly tresses. There are many different hair care regimens and treatments that work well for curly hair types. Sometimes it can be difficult to narrow down which routine is right for your hair. Instead of providing an extensive list of products and moisturizing methods, we’ve included some of the common mistakes curly haired people face and what to avoid if you have a curly mane.

Here are a few DON’Ts to follow when treating your curly hair:

Don’t Detangle Dry Hair

When your curly hair is dry it is stiff and harder to manipulate. If you try to comb it while it is dry it will be more susceptible to breakage. When detangling your hair be sure to use plenty of leave-in conditioner and water to soften your tresses. Use a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom up. This will make it easier to slip the comb through.

Don’t Over-Wash

Your hair has a lot of natural oils that help to keep your hair and scalp healthy. If you wash your hair too often you will strip your hair of these essential oils which can lead to dry, brittle hair that is more prone to breakage. In between washes we recommend wetting the hair and applying a leave in conditioner to refresh your curls.

Don’t Use Heat Regularly

Heat styling products like a flat iron and blow-dryer can be extremely damaging to natural curls when used in excess. If you frequently straighten your curly hair, this may lead to texture and curl pattern changes. This means that when you wash your hair again, your curls won’t fully revert back to their natural state. When straightening your curly hair, it is best to go to a licensed professional to be sure you are getting a quality styling treatment.

Leslie Ellen Abbate is a trained curly hair specialist in NYC with over 15 years of experience. Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon is dedicated to servicing clients of all hair types with the goal to make you look and feel beautiful and confident.