What a Curly Haired Girl Should Keep in her Purse

Today, everyone is on the go. Between work, school, appointments, and trying to have a social life, we can get pretty busy! One thing that can make this busy nature a little easier on us curly haired girls is keeping a couple essentials in our purses.

What should we be carrying around with us? Find out below!

Leave in Conditioner

Leave in conditioner is a must-have for every curly haired girl, every day! While you don’t need to shampoo daily, it is vital for curly haired girls to wet and rinse their hair each morning. After rinsing your hair, always apply leave in conditioner to lock in moisture.

After following your morning hair care routine, remember to pack a spray bottle filled with a mixture of 50 percent water and 50 percent leave in conditioner. Use this mixture throughout the day to bring new life to your curls while you are on the go! Here’s how:

First, mist the leave in conditioner mixture into your hair. Apply enough of the mixture to dampen your hair to allow your curl families to come back together.

Next, finger comb the conditioner mix through your hair, avoiding the roots. It is important to focus your product on the ends of your hair instead. Applying product directly to the roots will weigh your curls down.

Lastly, for those really humid summer days, apply curl cream or a moisturizing gel for extra hold.

A Last Minute Trick

Reach in your purse and find your spray bottle is empty? One neat little trick is to rub some hand cream onto your hands and gently finger comb it through your hair. This will bring some moisture back to your curls while taming flyaways.

Remember, hydration is the key to beautiful curls! For some more tips and all your hair needs, contact Leslie Ellen online or at 818-926-4050 today!