How to Tame Your Curly Flyaways

If there is one thing that curly haired girls are familiar with its fuzzy, frizzy flyaways.

This effect comes from damage done to your hair from heat and chemicals. Many have tried and failed to combat this effect, so what it a girl to do?

Target the Source

It’s best to start this off in the shower. Use shampoos and conditioners that are right for your type of hair. Look for shampoos that hydrate and repair.

Those who have dry or course hair will tend to have more flyaway issues, so consider adding a hair treatment into your routine to nurture your hair. Your hair will be far more likely to cooperate.

Protect Your Hair from Heat Damage

It’s a fairly common practice to use blow dryers and straighteners without the use of heat protectant products. Using these types of products when styling your hair will keep it from becoming too dry or course.

If you are planning to air dry, then a leave in conditioner is a must!

Smooth it Out

Use a couple drops for gloss serum to smooth down those stray hairs and even add shine to your finished style. Another great tip is to mix water and leave in conditioner in a spray bottle and spray the mixture above your hair and let it gently settle onto your hair, which will greatly reduce flyaways.

Misc. Tips:

  • Don’t keep playing with your hair once you have styled it- this helps create frizz and flyaways!
  • Brushing your hair when it is dry can cause split ends.
  • Keep washing your hair to three times a week. Your natural oils will help to keep your locks smooth and hydrated.
  • When shampooing, do so gently so as to keep your curls from getting tangled.

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