Embrace the Beauty of Your Curls

Last January, Dove released a heartbreaking video documenting five young girls and the negative thoughts they have about their curly hair. Their research showed that only four out of every 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful. To combat these negative feelings, Dove threw a party to share the curly girl love! Check out our list of things to love about your curls and visit Dove to download and read their “Love Your Curls” e-book!

Low Maintenance Beauty

We as curly girls are blessed with hair that needs little style prep. After a proper rinse, finger combing and some leave-in conditioner, your hair is ready for the day. So now we can take the time that you saved from not having to blow out and style to have a relaxing cup of coffee in the morning. Or grab a delicious breakfast before heading to school or the office while your straight-haired friends wrestle with their styling tools.

Ultimate Hold

Think about how easily our curls hold style – whether it’s a braid, a bun or a unique up-do. Curly hair is super durable and once styled, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Instant Event Style

While all the other bridesmaids are trapped in their salon chairs, having their hair coiffed and curled to feel voluminous and party ready, your natural hair looks done-up enough for even the biggest events! Just a little time saturating our curls with some conditioner and light hold styling product and we are good to go! Skip the fuss and embrace the beautiful, natural curl that all your friends are trying to re-create.

Curl Envy

You know the old phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side?” This is especially true when it comes to hair. There are plenty of girls out there wishing they had your voluminous, beautiful curls. So take a look in the mirror, smile and embrace your mane!