New Year, New You! It’s Time to Rejuvenate Those Locks

It’s been a long year for your hair since it most likely got dried out during the summer months. Maybe you’ve been thinking for a while now that your hair is starting to feel a little washed out and dry around the ends and you feel it’s not as curly or as bouncy as it once was. If this sounds like you, now is the time to shed those dry and damaged ends! Shedding dead locks can help to improve your curls hydration level, moisture level, overall appearance and give you back that great bounce you have been yearning for.

Cutting your hair to just above your shoulders in the fall or winter months is incredibly beneficial.

How many times have you zipped your hair into your coat? Too many! Leslie Ellen suggests if your hair is feeling dead and dehydrated or you feel as if it’s time for a change, the winter months are the best time to do it since our hair gets tangled easily when we wear scarfs, turtle necks and full coats. Leslie Ellen believes that cutting your hair to right above the shoulders in the fall or winter months will allow you to still keep your neck covered in the cold but reduce your chances of winter frizz.

Although a lot of us are quick to cut our hair in summer months, we soon transition into wearing tank tops, feeling exposed and bare. If you cut your curls shorter in winter months, you’ll start to get used to the cut, helping you to grow more comfortable as you transition into those strapless sundresses!  No need to fret; there will be plenty of time for your hair to grow before summer arrives, so you’ll be able to put those beautiful curls in a ponytail if you wish to do so in the summer heat!

So why not try a change during the winter months and get your hair cut so it doesn’t get tangled? You’ll become a lively new, bouncy you!

We do want to be clear that we aren’t encouraging you to chop off all of your curls, but if you feel as if you’ve lost your bounce, Leslie Ellen suggests that now is the time to cut, refresh and revive your curls. If you decide to cut your hair and make a change, try to visit Leslie Ellen for a healthy trim every three months!

If you’re ready for a fabulous new look to welcome in the New Year, consider bringing the bounce back by calling Leslie Ellen Curly Hair Salon at 718-926-4050 and visit our website today!